alumni headerOur Lady of Sorrows School is proud that our graduates have moved on to some of the area’s most prestigious high schools, colleges and beyond. Many have returned to share that their most valuable learning experience was their time at OLS and we are thankful for their continued commitment and involvement with our School.

OLS is in the process of forming a formal Alumni Association to allow our graduates to reconnect with each other and the school. To update your contact information for future mailings and invitations, please contact the school office at (914) 761-0124.

Sentiments from Our Lady of Sorrows Alumni

“I am grateful for all the great families and teachers at Our Lady of Sorrows School.  The middle school teachers definitely prepared me for high school by always offering their support and extra help and by making learning fun. I learned how to manage my time, prepare for tests and to become both a good student and a good person at OLS.”
Katelyn Czerniewski
OLS 2016
Maria Regina 2020

“A lot of things make OLS a great elementary school: the dedication and commitment of the teachers, the ongoing involvement of the parents and coaches and even the buddy system all contribute to making OLS the best place to go to school.  But the secret to its success is the sense of family, the sense of belonging and caring for each other that each person feels.  I love this school and I am proud to be a part of the OLS family.”
Luke Hartigan
OLS Salutatorian 2016
Regis High School 2020

“I graduated from OLS in 2014 and I can honestly say that the eight years I spent there were the best years of my life. I formed the most wonderful friendships that I know will last a lifetime. The teachers are extremely caring and they want nothing but the best for each of their students. They taught in a way that made all of the subjects interesting and easier to understand. I am now a sophomore at Ursuline and was prepared for high school in every way possible.”
Giulianna Buglione
OLS 2014
The Ursuline School 2018

“I attended Our Lady of Sorrows School for eight years. Little did I know then that I was walking through the halls of a place that I would soon consider to be a second home. The teachers are all great people who have given me a strong foundation that I can continue to build upon. What I love most about OLS is the sense of community. My family and I are a part of an amazing network of families and friends that will only continue to grow in the future.”
Lauren Medico
OLS Salutatorian 2014
White Plains High School 2018

“OLS instilled in me a work ethic that has helped me get to where I am today.  The teachers genuinely care for their students and are more than willing to help those who need it.  Looking back on it, I cannot imagine a better grammar school.”
Joseph Colucci
OLS Valedictorian 2011
Iona Prep 2015
Georgetown University 2019

“The education I received at OLS has provided a solid foundation for my future. After attending a school that is filled with teachers who care about their students’ education, who have strong relationships with their students, and who know how to accommodate their individual needs, I have had so many role models from which to base my future teaching career.”
Morgan Falvey
OLS 2010
White Plains High School 2014
Saint Joseph’s University 2018

“I transferred to OLS in 4th grade. Everyone was incredibly welcoming including me in everything. The art program gave me a foundation to continue my interest in this direction.  Now, I’m a second year Architecture student at Catholic University and loving it!”
Gabby Vera
OLS 2010
School of the Holy Child 2014
The Catholic University 2018

“Our Lady of Sorrows has given me the fundamentals to explore the world that I live in today. Memories, friends, and family that will last a lifetime.”
Carly Wooters
OLS 2010
The Ursuline School 2014
University of New Hampshire 2018

“The academic and religious foundation provided by the close knit community of OLS continues to shape the person I am today. In college, I am able to form personal relationships with my professors, just as I did at OLS, which helps me to be successful in all that I do.”
Tayler Falvey
OLS 2009       
White Plains High School 2013
The Catholic University 2017

“I liked being with same classmates year to year. The teachers were caring and I learned valuable math and writing skills that I needed for high school and college.”
Robert Adamo
OLS 2008       
Fordham Prep 2012
Manhattan College 2016

“The role which Our Lady of Sorrows played in my success and development as a student throughout higher education was immense.  Due to the rigorous demands of the course work, I was prepared to tackle any type of assignment ranging from a 10 page research paper to taking AP Calculus as a senior in high school.”
Katie Tomechko
OLS 2003
The Ursuline School 2007
Cornell University 2011

“OLS helped instill core values that I still use everyday of my life. I also developed friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life.”
Luke Wooters
OLS 2008  
Iona Preparatory School 2012    
Nazareth College 2016

“At no other school would an eighth grade math teacher sacrifice her breaks to help a student learn to complete tests faster. But if she had not, I would have been a decent math student rather than an excellent one. Most teachers teach their class the required content, but the best teachers give their students the tools and incentives to meet their potential, even if they are already doing fine by most standards. It is the personal care and dedication of the teachers at OLS that make the quality of education that much better than at any other K through 8 school.”
Elizabeth Schanne
OLS 2007
School of the Holy Child 2011 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2015

“I would have to say that my math teachers and academic experience throughout my OLS years truly made me grow to love and pursue mathematics.”
Brigid O’Brien
OLS 2006
The Ursuline School 2010
Marquette University 2014

“The greatest gift I received from my time at OLS was the friendships I found. To this day I remain close friends with my classmates. Although we are all over the country, we still are part of each other’s lives, sharing fond memories and will always be an OLS family.”
Lauren Hill
OLS 2005        
White Plains High School 2009
Boston University 2013

“OLS has played such an important role in my life, from providing me with the academic foundation I needed to excel in high school to giving me the opportunity to watch my siblings experience the same exceptional teachers and activities that I did.  I am grateful for this school and the chances it gave me to grow scholastically, religiously, and socially.”
Christina Barreiro
OLS 2004
Good Counsel Academy 2008
Fordham University 2012
Harvard Law School 2015

“OLS provided my solid foundation and path to academic success.”
Angela Falisi
OLS 2004
Maria Regina High School 2008
Cornell University 2012
University at Albany Masters in Public Health 2015
Cancer Research Fellow at the National Institute of Health

“I had such a great experience at OLS because of the community.  The administrators, teachers, fellow classmates and their parents made OLS worthwhile. The Box Ball tournament, 8th grade Fair and Volleyball game against the teachers will never be forgotten.  I am forever grateful that OLS helped me prepare to be successful in life.”
Patrick Massaroni                   
OLS 2002
Archbishop Stepinac High School 2006
Marist College 2010
James Madison University 2012 Masters Degree