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MidSchBrooke340Our middle school is focused on preparing our students for the rigors of high school. Middle school classes are housed in a separate wing of the school emulating the environment they will experience in high school. The middle school program employs a departmental approach, allowing students to benefit from qualified faculty members specialized in designated subject areas.

The 7th grade students are divided into 2 smaller groups for instruction in science and math. Smaller classes for math and science instruction provide more individualized focus and better accommodates learning styles.

Our 8th grade students are divided into 2 heterogenous groups for instruction in the major subject areas of English and social studies. However, in science and math, students are grouped by ability. An advanced placement course is offered for those proficient in Math. Students begin foreign language in 4th grade and continue through 8th grade.

IMG_0139Technology is fully integrated into the curriculum. iPads are used for interactive presentations, research and note taking. Promethean boards with wi-fi internet access enable teachers to bring current events to life with a touch of the screen.

Sacramental preparation for Confirmation takes place in 7th and 8th grade. In addition to classroom instruction, candidates make a retreat together and they are required to complete community service hours in order to keep the Spirit active in their lives as Christians.