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We are proud of our distinguished faculty, all of whom are committed to maintaining high academic standards for our students and the mission of the Catholic Church.

We have sixteen certified professional educators, fourteen of whom have Masters Degrees, and many have done post-graduate work.  All give unselfishly of their time and talent moderating extracurricular activities and offering extra help before and after school hours to students who need such services.  Additionally, we have three teacher’s aides on staff, all with teaching degrees.




Professional and spiritual development opportunities are provided on an ongoing basis, and teachers are encouraged to participate.  These include faculty meetings, conference days, workshops, courses, and retreats.

Sister Marie Cecile Principal
Mrs. Jackie Tomechko Learning Facilitator
Mrs. Susanne McHugh Kindergarten
Miss Brielle Califano 1st Grade
Mrs. Nancy Decrescenzo 2nd Grade
Mrs. Tara Gimenez 3rd Grade
Mrs. Melissa Torrieri 4th Grade
Mrs. Ann Baker 5th Grade
Grades 6 and 8 Religion
Mrs. Christine Conchado 6th Grade Homeroom
Middle School English
Mrs. Gianna Gardner 7th Grade Homeroom
Middle School Social Studies
Mrs. Johanna Santarelli 8th Grade Homeroom
Grades 6, 7 and 8 Math
Mrs. Gina Nethercott Science Grades 5 – 8
Mrs. Kristin Jimison Math Grade 5
Mr. Daniel Leguizamon Music
Mrs. Joann Strobel Physical Education
2nd Grade Aide
Mrs. Elaine Laux Art
Mrs. Raquel DeMarco Spanish Grades 4 – 8
Ms. Betsy Nouss 4th Grade Aide
Mrs. Kathy Dorney Kindergarten Aide
Miss Joanna Leone 2nd Grade Aide

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